Welcome back!

I hope you all had a restful & enjoyable Christmas and are looking forward to a year full of inspiration.

To start the year off in the right crafty spirit, we are releasing our new class schedule for January and February, topping up our stock of Brown Sheep, and introducing a couple of new products.



Lots of little ones are on holidays at the moment and if they are anything like my two girls, they just love getting crafty.


Introducing Mollie Makes Mama, a brand new magazine all about living the crafty life with little ones

The team behind Mollie Makes magazine brings you 132 pages of ideas for an artful family life.

Be inspired by current trends, DIY projects and home style features that will help you choose or create your own gifts, accessories and clothes for children.

We chat with parents in the creative industry who offer advice on ways to encourage creative play and craft amongst a busy schedule. Plus, take a peek at our favourite colourful family homes.

Guest edited by crafter and mama extraordinaire, Jazz Domino Holly, this new magazine is out now.

Full of great ideas for crafting with kids, party inspirations and make it yourself ideas.





The Simple Things


Perfect for some relaxed holiday reading – The Simple Things Issue 18 is here!


The Simple Things is about what’s genuinely priceless in your life.

You know. The treasures for which you don’t have to join a waiting list, or queue overnight.

Things that won’t be broken or obsolete in six months – or even six years. Pleasures that cost, if not nothing, then very little and deliver much more, not less, than you ever dreamed they would. Impromptu gatherings, outdoor adventures, absorbing ideas and proud creations indoors and outdoors, in city and countryside.

Solid oak, copper-bottomed, handmade and authentic – these are The Simple Things.



Knit Pro

It’s at this time of the year that our thoughts turn to turning over a new leaf and, like many people, one of my New Year’s resolutions is to be more organised.

This week we are launching new products from KnitPro that make keeping your tools organised even easier.


Thames Bags


The Thames bag is the perfect companion for the ‘on-the-go’ knitter. Handmade in faux leather, it is cleverly designed to accommodate small projects, knitting needles, crochet hooks and other notions in separate sections.

The Thames bag comes in five stylish colours – Black, Red, Yellow, Blue & Purple.

When closed – 27cm x 18cm x 5.5cm
When open – 27cm x 37cm


Blocking Wire Kits


Set of 15 stainless steel (rust resistant) wires.

6 x 1m wires
6 x 0.5m wires
3 x 1m flexible wires
20 t-pins
1 measuring tape

Blocking Mat Kits


Pack of 9 blocking mats, each 30cm x 30cm, to block small and large projects.

Convenient to assemble, the mats fit together like puzzle pieces to make the size and shape you need.

Brown Sheep

A small top up from Brown Sheep arrived during the break.
Both our Cotton Fleece and Cotton Fine have been replenished.

Being such a popular yarn during summer we are already planning our next order which will hopefully include several colours that were back ordered by Brown Sheep.

Cotton Fleece


Dayflower Scarf by Toni M Maddox {knit}

Little Spring Mandala by Barbara Smith {crochet}

Heart Applique by Heloise Victoria {crochet}

Midsummer Baby Blanket by Anna & Heidi Pickles {knit}

Tiramisu Baby Blanket by Alicia Paulson {crochet}

Ribbed Lace Bolero by Kelly Maher {knit}

Cotton Fine


Giant Giant Granny Square Blanket by Purl Soho {crochet}

Victoria Tank by Veronik Avery {knit}

Baby Converse Shoes by Josi Croche {crochet}

Low Tide Cardigan by tincanknits {knit}

First Love by Michele DuNaier {crochet}


With the New Year comes a new class schedule!


Have you been wanting to knit socks, try Continental knitting, or take up knitting or crochet? Then why not expand your skill base by signing up to one of our classes during January or February.

And as always, our Technical Support classes are continuing several times a week if you want to brush up your skills.

You can find our full class calendar on the classes page of our website.

Bookings and deposits are essential for all of our classes.

Please phone the store on 07 3666 0276 or email us tangled@tangledyarns.com.au
if you have any further questions on our classes or to book in!

Inspiring your passion



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