With a little less than eight weeks left until Christmas, here at Tangled Yarns we’ve started trawling Ravelry for gift ideas for our nearest and dearest.


This week we’ve been focussing on the special women in our lives – our mothers, sisters, daughters and BFFs. And we’ve found some beautiful patterns that cannot fail to show them how cherished they are.

Stardust by Adrienne Fong {knit}

Aum” Yoga Socks by Shannon Mullett-Bowlsby {crochet}

Comfort Slippers – for Japan by Reiko Arato {knit}


Yarn suggestions:
Malabrigo Sock, Sweet Georgia Tough Love Sock, Cascade Heritage Sock

Bubblemania by Diana Rozenshteyn {knit}

Midsummer Night’s Shawl by Lisa Naskrent {crochet}


Yarn suggestions:
Malabrigo Silkpaca, Sweet Georgia CashSilk Lace,
Pierrot Irish Linen, The Fibre Company Meadow


Lunar Cowl by Paulina Popiolek {knit}

Heloïse by EclatDuSoleil {crochet}


Yarn suggestions:
Malabrigo Sock, Cascade Heritage Silk, Pierrot Pont du Gard,
Ella Rae Merino Lace, The Fibre Company Canopy Fingering


Mary Jane Slippers by Lisa Gutierrez {crochet}

Mary Jane Slippers by Purl Soho {knit}


Yarn suggestions:
Cascade 220 Superwash Worsted, Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece,
Pierrot Cotton Neat

French Press Felted Slippers by Melynda Bernardi {knit – felted}


Yarn suggestions:
Cascade 220 Worsted, Noro Kureyon

Interweave Crochet Accessories


From the editors of Interweave Crochet magazine comes the special issue…
Interweave Crochet Accessories 2014!

Enjoy 40+ crochet projects!


Interweave Crochet Accessories features ridiculously cute hats and toys for kids that make great crocheted gifts for any occasion, cowls and scarves for all seasons, and more small accessory projects such as mitts, hats, and legwarmers for stash-busting.

Interweave Crochet Accessories explores a range of techniques: Tunisian, Tunisian entrelac, edgeless cables, intarsia, tapestry, lacework, and more!

Expand your design horizons with Megan Kreiner in Amigurumi 101 and Build a Bag with Karen Ratto-Whooley as she shares her tips fordesigning your own crocheted tote.


Of A Different Stripe:Take a look at crochet stripes with these fun projects that incorporate striped yarn and crochet motifs and stitches.


We Heart Lace: Crochet lace is always in season. Check out these four projects that incorporate classic crochet lace stitches in modern colors.


Like Clockwork: Celebrate the unique with these crochet designs that incorporate crochet circle motifs, buttons, beads, and even buckles.


Where the Whimsy Things Are: Crochet toys and cute accessories for kids with these nine patterns meant to bring out the child in everyone.


Whose Woods These Are: Take your crochet further with unique construction techniques featured in these four woodsy patterns in earthy tones.


Stitch Fusion: Let your crochet stitches stand out from the crowd with these projects that celebrate shape and texture.


Fast Forward to Spring: These crochet accessories are warm enough to wear in fall or even winter, yet are joyful and colourful from the first spring buds.


Waves and Braids: Crochet braids, basketweave stitches, and create crochet waves with these fun accessories for any age.

Willmark Yarns

I am very excited to announce the arrival in-store of Willmark Yarns, a new range of cotton yarns developed right here in Australia.

With their generous yardage and sturdy construction, these yarns have been designed specifically for home-wares and will stand up to the wear and tear of being floor rugs, bath mats, cushion covers, baskets, bags and table runners – while looking good year after year.

Brighten up your living space with the 24 stunning colours in the Candy Pop 18 range, or choose sophisticated Natural 18 or 24.


There are plenty of home-wares patterns designed for cotton yarn, and we also love using these to supersize patterns meant for finer yarns – doilies and coasters become rugs, trinket boxes become storage baskets.

We are all having a great time familiarising ourselves with the new yarn. I fell in love with the stunning Olive green and whipped up an old favourite of mine –
Crowns Surround by Cille Heckenbach.


I have made this previously in other cottons but the Candy Pop is really crisp and it makes a great centrepiece on the table. 



As we have mentioned, Willmark is brand new on the market and I think you will be intrigued by this unique product.

Over the next few weeks we will have more samples to share with you.


Natural 24
100% Cotton
685m per 650g

Natural 18
100% Cotton
812m per 650g

Candy Pop
100% Cotton
500m per 200g

Hexagon Table Runner by Marinke Slump {crochet}

Precious Things Keeper by Katherine Davydova {crochet}

Crocheted Market Bag by Derrin Berry {crochet}

Not Your Grandma’s Doily by Janette Williams {crochet}

Calico Rag Rug by Gillian Hamilton {crochet}

Mediterranean Mosaic Rug by Donna Druchunas {knit}

BYOB – Bring Your Own Bag! by Moira Ravenscroft {knit}

Coasters & Little Basket with Lid by Viviane Deroover {crochet}

Hanging Basket (Large) by Rebecca Bjarnoll {crochet}

Everyday Market Bag by Bernat Design Studio {crochet}

Spiral Bunga Pot Mat by Lina A R Rahmat {crochet}

Large Crocheted Bowl by Yarn + Co {crochet}

At the Beach Bag by Anastacia Zittel {crochet}

Bento-Style Carrier by Karla Fitch {crochet}

Stripey Spring Rug by Elizabeth Trantham {crochet}

Thistle Rug by Courtney Spainhower {knit}

Not a Sandy Bottom by Dorothy Dean {knit}

Star Rug by Kat Goldin {crochet}

Little Colorful Bowls by Makayla Yager {crochet}

Funky Doily by Annette Petavy {crochet}

Tulip by Grace Ann {knit}

Pierrot Yarns

We are thrilled that you all love our summer selection from Pierrot Yarns as much as we do!


Another top up of our existing lines arrived earlier this week, topping up our shelves full of spectacular linen and paper…


Sport / 5 ply
100% Plant Fibre
94 yard / 86 meters per 40 grams

210-24 Summer Hat by Pierrot {crochet}

English Garden Reversible Tote by Serina Cheung {crochet}

Crocheted Baskets by Churchmouse Yarn and Teas {crochet}


Irish Linen
Lace / 2 ply
100% Linen
828 yards / 757 meters per 100 grams

Lacy River Rocks
by Margaret Oomen {crochet}

Air Deluxe by Arlene’s World of Lace {knit}

Flower Necklace Motifs by Elizabeth Lowe {crochet}


Pont du Gard
Light Fingering / 3 ply
100% Linen
188 yards / 172 meters per 40 grams

Lydia by Kristen TenDyke {knit}

Ava’s Shawl by Julie Blagojevich {crochet}

East Side by Alicia Plummer {knit}

In addition to these strong favourites we have introduced Tours


Fingering / 4 ply
100% Linen
115 yards / 105 meters per 30 grams


Brandywine Shawl by Rosemary (Romi) Hill {knit}

Tours Scarf by Pierrot {crochet}

Gretel by Julie Weisenberger {knit}

Sunflower Doily by Chinami Horiba {crochet}

Frost Thread by Veera Valimaki {knit}

Queen Anne’s Shawl by Rebecca Velasquez {crochet}

Snowflake Stole by Veronik Avery {knit}

Peponi by Hilary Smith Callis {knit}

Mykonos by Marie Wallin {crochet}

Dew Drop Cowl by Kelly Kingston {knit}

Tours Tunic by Pierrot {crochet}

Dejeuner Bag by Pam Allen {knit}

Desert Marigold by Ana Clerc {crochet}


With the gift giving season in mind, we have added some absolutely stunning crochet sets from Tulip to our range of crochet tools.

Etimo Rose Crochet Sets

I fell in love with these sets the first time I touched them. Everything from the hooks to the case has been well designed and executed.


Our Etimo Rose Crochet Sets contain 10 Tulip crochet hooks –



Plus a pair of high grade scissors and two yarn / darning needles.


For the keen junior crocheters or for that set you leave in your bag for those emergency crochet moments….

Crochet Sorbet Hook Sets

A double pointed crochet hook sets which includes hook sizes –

2.00mm / 2.20mm

2.50mm / 3.00mm

3.50mm / 4.00mm

4.50mm / 5.00mm

5.50mm / 6.00mm

Plus a pair of small scissors, yarn needles and stitch markers.

We have also added a fantastic new tape measure from Hoechstmass.

These are German made, top selling pocket roller tape measures and are available in a range of different colours.



On The Needles at Tangled Yarns

Kim has been busy with a few big projects over the last few weeks…

First off the needles is this super happy and bright Anya by Lisa Gutierrez in our Zpagetti {Pink for Tara}.


I love that you can be inspired by a vintage doily pattern, make it a blanket pattern and then upsize it again and make it a floor rug!

Kim is still unable to resist the lure of a good shawl, especially a nice large one. This is Pop Spots by Juju Vail.


She has used a variety of light fingering / fingering yarns for her Pop Spots – Tosh Merino Light, Malabrigo Sock & Sweet Georgia Tough Love Sock.

And possibly the largest blanket I have seen from Kim, easily a queen bed size!


This is a crocheted version of our Missoni Inspired Blanket in a beautiful selection of colours of our Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece.


Anita has decided to pamper herself a little, so she has started to crochet a few washcloths for at-home spa days. First off the hook are a couple of Tiny Baubles Dishcloths in Cotton Neat


She’s enjoying the immediate gratification of these so much that she’s considering a few more for Christmas gifts.

This week I finished what may possibly be my favourite project so far this year!


As soon as our first shipment of Pierrot Pont Du Gard arrived I knew what I wanted to make. I have been plodding away on this one for weeks and weeks…on tiny 3mm needles – eek.

I was thrilled to cast off earlier this week and have been wearing Lineal by Hannah Fettig almost daily since.

The Pont Du Gard was lovely to work with but it certainly benefited from a good bath in our SOAK and somehow it is both crisp and drapey at the same time.


I was inspired by another Lineal on Ravelry and added some eyelets on the outer edge of the collar and some lovely leather so that I can wear the cardi several different ways.


Now the temptation is that I could use one in at least two different colours of Pont Du Gard or maybe even our new Tours….

Inspiring your passion


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