We are at the end of the first week of school holidays here in Brisbane, and things have certainly been heating up! With the warm weather, lots of our customers have made the most of the cool in the shop and popped in to do a spot of social knitting and crochet. It’s been lovely to hear the soft hum of conversation and laughter as they craft and chat.

It’s also been nice to see plenty of families coming in to pick up supplies for some holiday crafting – we simply love watching the next generation of budding knitters and crocheters emerge.

As spring turns to summer, the shop is constantly evolving. We have been busy rearranging the shelves yet again to squeeze in more lovely spring / summer yarns!

I was just a little thrilled to receive our shipments this week and, I will admit, several new projects have made it onto my needles and hooks…


One of the latest additions to our Tangled Yarns line-up, Schoppelwolle Zauberball, has continued to fly out the door!


This week we have received a top up of the most popular colours…





Drop City by Kitman Figueroa {knit}

Mosaic Crochet Shawl by Bernat Studio {crochet}

Northern Lights by AnneM {knit}

Mojo by Donyale Grant {knit}

Clapochet by Crochet Kitten {crochet}


Our new Waves crochet hooks were a massive hit and we sold out in the first 48 hours!


For those who missed out, we have a new shipment in this week.

The Waves Kits feature Knit Pro’s signature smooth finish aluminium hooks and colourful soft-feel handles. The hooks come in nine vibrant colours, each of which is unique to its size.

Packaged in a handy faux leather zippered case, each set contains nine hook sizes –


Choose from bright green or bright pink to build your crochet hook library!



Looks like many of you were as excited as us about our new summer-weight yarn from Berroco – Linsey.

A shipment arrived earlier this week to replenish all of the colours that were out of stock.


April in Berlin by ANKESTRICK {knit}

Autumn Splendor Wrap by Darlisa Riggs {crochet}

Arrowhead Camisole by Ashley Rao {knit}

Best Little Girl Cloche by Anneliese {crochet}

Sandy by Hannah Fettig {knit}


Biggan Design

We have been informed that the price of Biggan Design First Cross Merino will increase on 1
st October, with the DK/8ply increasing to $11.25 a ball, and the 4ply to $11.95 a ball.

Biggan Design is proudly Australian and is determined to keep production of its yarn in Australia. Unfortunately, however, the rising cost of raw materials has necessitated this price rise.

This weekend will be the last chance to buy Biggan at current prices – perhaps it’s a good opportunity to stock up?



Back due to popular demand….Pierrot Yarns!!

With the temperature inching ever higher, I have been searching for some lovely new cotton and linen yarns for the summer months.

We have re-introduced Pierrot with four amazing warm weather lines.

Irish Linen


100% Linen
Lace / 2ply
828 yards / 757 metres per 100 grams
38 – 54 sts per 10cm
1.50mm – 1.75mm needles

Ideal for feather-light accessories and layering garments, this light, crisp Irish Linen yarn comes in 10 stunning colours.


Oswin by Bernadette Ambergen {crochet}

Alpine Frost Scarf by Amy O’Neill Houck {crochet}

Maia Shawl by Lisa Naskrent {crochet}

Gretel by Julie Weisenberger {knit}

Kozue by Kirsten Johnstone {knit}

Irish Linen Lacy Pullover by Pierrot {crochet}

Morning Breeze by Christiane Burkhard {knit}

Sands by Lena Fedotova {crochet}

Abuelita by Meghan Fernandes {crochet}

Fintry by Ann-Marie Jackson {knit}

Mediterranean by Ruth Garcia-Alcantud {knit}

Sundial Tee by Jennifer Dassau {knit}

Celandine by Jennie Pakula {knit}

Adrift by Carol Feller {knit}

Pont du Gard


100% Linen
Light Fingering / 3ply
188 yards / 177 metres per 40 grams
30 – 34 sts per 10cm
2.00mm – 2.25mm

Knit or crochet light summer garments or breezy accessories in the 12 delicate colours of Pont du Gard.


Akomeogi Tunic by Olga Buraya-Kefelian {knit}

Die-Cut Vest by Sara Morris {knit}

Makalio by Talitha Kuomi {knit}

Pont du Gard Tunic by Pierrot {knit}

Truffle Shrug by Pam Allen {knit}

Flower Motif Doily by Pierrot {crochet}

Short-Sleeved French Sweater by Pierrot {crochet}

In the Shade Top by Lena Fedotova {crochet}

Surrounding Tank by Hannah Fettig {knit}

Strathcona by Jane Richmond {knit}

Calla Cami by Carrie Bostick Hoge {knit}

Cotton Neat


100% Cotton
58 yards / 53 metres per 40 grams
16 – 19 sts per 10cm
3.00mm – 5.00mm

A versatile yarn, Cotton Neat lends itself equally to garments, accessories and homewares. We are introducing Cotton Neat in a palette of 24 rich colours.


Double Bump Dishcloth by Missy Angus {knit}

Ava Sun Hat by Crochet by Jennifer {crochet}

Berry Baby Hat by Michele Sabatier {knit}

Hot Pink Washcloth and Soap Saver by Karla Sandoval {crochet}

Water Bottle Carrier, Tote by Judy Stalus {crochet}

Organic Bath Set by Ada Lai {knit}

Emery Beanie by Stephanie MacDerment {crochet}

Pampering Massage Soap Saver by Tamara Kelly {crochet}

Bishi by Georgie Hallam {knit}

Mitered Hanging Towel by Cristina Bernardi Shiffman {knit}

Ivory or Pink Rose Hat by Susan Gardner {knit}



100% Plant Fibre
Sport / 5ply
94 yards / 86 metres per 40 grams
15sts per 10cm
3.00mm – 4.00mm

Something a bit different! Amian is a durable paper yarn, ideal for crocheting accessories such as summer hats and bags, and homewares. It comes in 10 gorgeous colours.


Tapestry Crochet Bag / Clutch by ChabeGS {crochet}

Wrap around crochet bracelet by Yuli Nilssen {crochet}

Dear Liza by Annie Watts {knit}

Amian Ruffle Hat by Pierrot {crochet}

Crocheted Baskets by Churchmouse Yarns {crochet}

Provence Summer String Bag by Kathy North {crochet}

Knit Tote by Purl Soho {knit}

Rainbow Nesting Baskets {crochet}

Amian Eco Bag by Pierrot {crochet}

Mini Basket by Pierrot {crochet}

Simple Net Crochet Bag by Asami Togashi {crochet}

Simple Hemp Tote by Espace Tricot {knit}

Miel Striped Bag by Pierrot {crochet}



TheFall/Winter issue of knit.wear takes sumptuous to a new level with 24 thoughtful designs worked in luxury fibers.


Drape, silhouette, and texture combine in unique knits, from the dramatic in Cocoon to the smart in Midtown Original, from the skewed in Angle Intrigue to the simply pretty in Natural Grace.

Learn about setting cables on the bias, how to prevent pilling, and the art of colorblocking for your body type.




54 Revive


Giving textiles a new lease of life

The Revive issue, with its tales of textile rescue, clever recycling and new takes on tradition, might inspire you to learn a new skill or brush up on an old one.

Discover the Fert Family in France who saved the scourtin, be inspired by the talent of fashion designer Momo Wang and admire Eduardo Paolozzi’s contribution to textiles.

On The Needles at Tangled Yarns

Maureen’s flying fingers have finished yet another gorgeous scarf this week –
Ipswich Scarf by Elinor Brown in the delicious Guava colourway of our Fibre Company Canopy.




Baby Eve is being spoiled by her Tangled Yarns aunties!


This week, Derrin has knitted up a Baby Acacia by Georgia Hallam in one of our previous Pierrot Yarns cottons.


Anita fell in love with our new Irish Linen and craved a long, floaty scarf to accessorise her summer dresses.


Liz and her trusty knitting machine came to the rescue, whipping up a generous 2.75 metres of stocking stitch for Anita to swan around in…



I don’t usually share my works in progress but I am enjoying our new Pierrot Yarns so much that I though I would share a little of what has been happening on my needles & hooks this week.

In our newAmian I have a Raffia Cloche by Pierrot on the hook. I can’t wait to have this finished, it will be ideal for the upcoming hot summer.


Only at swatching stage for now but I have a couple of potential patterns in mind for our new Pont Du Gard



Inspiring your passion


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