Yet more exciting parcels have arrived on our doorstep this week!

There is nothing quite like a season change to add some extra colour to the shop…






Our latest shipment from Malabrigo has arrived with over 250 skeins of lusciousness!


We have 8 stunning colours of the very special lace weight, Silkpaca.


Lace / 2ply
420 yards / 384 meters per 50g
3.25mm to 5.0mm needles


Alpine Frost Scarf by Amy O’Neill Houck {crochet}

Maia Shawl by Lisa Naskrent {crochet}

Adrift by Carol Feller {knit}

Izumi by Bernadette Ambergen {crochet}

Dreams Shawl by Kim Guzman {crochet}

Viajante by Martina Behm {knit}

Branches by Yumiko Alexander {crochet}

Newfoundland by Anne-Lise Maigaard {knit}

Summer Breeze by EclatDuSoleil {crochet}

Abuelita by Meghan Fernandes {crochet}

Penstemon by Anjali M {knit}

Wicker Park Lace Wrap and Scarf by Krista Werbil {knit}

Mistral Stole by Susanna IC {knit}

The Mermaida’s Gift by Tori Gurbisz {knit}

Over 100 skeins of Sock have hit the shelves in 10 fresh colours.


Light Fingering / 3ply
440 yards / 402 meters per 100gr
32 sts on 2.25mm to 3.2mm
100% Merino


Heloise by EclatDuSoleil {crochet}

Tulpenbaum by Simone Kereit {knit}

Kelly scarf by Kate Dixon {crochet}

Java Socks by Cailyn Meyer {knit}

Alita by PurpleIguana {crochet}

Quinty by Bernadette Ambergen {crochet}

Checkerboard Lace Scarf by Purl Soho {knit}

Desert Marigold by Ana Clerc {crochet}

Peppernut by Bonnie Sennott {knit}

And for those extra special projects we have 8 new colours of Silky Merino.


Silky Merino
DK / 8ply
150 yards / 137 meters per 50g
22 to 24 sts on 3.5mm to 4.0mm needles
51% Silk / 49% Merino


French Cancan by Mademoiselle C {knit}

Cardiff Cowl by Lion Brand {crochet}

Freesia by JumperCablesKnitting {knit}

Aragula Scarf by Jennifer Dickerson {crochet}

Wired by Mia Rinde {knit}

Paper Lanterns Cowl by Sara Gresbach {knit}

Headwinds by Alicia Plummer {knit}

V-stitch Fingerless Gloves by Daphne Bekieari {crochet}

Birchwood Mitts by Mimi Hill {knit}

Tower Mill Shawl by Laura Chau {knit}

Anniko by Bernadette Ambergen {crochet}

Amethyst by Anges Kutas-Keresztes {knit}

Astrid by Jenny King {crochet}

Iines by Suvi Sumola {knit}

Reversible Crocheted Hat by Judy Stalus {crochet}

Voussoir Shawl by Liz Abinante {knit}

The Way from Brighton by Jojo Locatelli {knit}

Sweet Eleanor Scarf by Quince Tart {crochet}


We were thrilled when the rest of our Zpagetti turned up this week. We now have the full 10 colours in stock and ready for some summer fun!


Floor Cushion Zpagetti by Lisette Eisenga {crochet}

Rag Doily Rug by Julie Weisenberger {knit}

Hooked Zpagetti Rug by Dandelion Days {crochet}

Yarn Basket by Anna & Heidi Pickles {knit}

Big Stitch Knit Rug by Purl Soho {knit

Large Crocheted Bowl by Lion Brand {crochet}

Rag Bath Mat by Julie Weisenberger {knit}

Granny Basket by Anna & Heidi Pickles {crochet}

Fairy Star Chair Mat by Tiny Owl Knits {knit}

Knit T-Shirts into Rugs by Gail Neumann {knit}

Puff Mama’s Baby by Anna & Heidi Pickles {knit}


We also have the extra big crochet hooks in stock…


Yarn Pop

We are so glad that you all love our newly added project bags, Yarn Pop’s!

Our first shipment flew out the door so we were super excited to receive the second shipment today.

This time we have the Single Yarn Pops and a few more of theTotable.



This Yarn Pop is perfect for carrying all your projects from socks to sweaters, as well as your smaller Yarn Pops.

With a removable and adjustable strap, you can make it fit your shoulder perfectly. Inside you will find three pockets for carrying your phone, needles, notions and anything else you may need. While carrying the Totable you will find that the angle is perfect for retrieving things or knitting while you walk.

Three grommets across the front provide a fun detail along with functionality (eg for headphones while in transit) and the large-tooth zipper across the top keeps everything safe and secure.


15″ x 12″ x 4″ Gusset
Adjustable & Removable Strap
3 Inside Pockets
3 Nickel-plated, Brass Grommets
Large-tooth Zipper
100% Canvas (Exterior), 100% Cotton (Interior)
Machine Washable (Cold) & Air Dry


Do you have a hard time keeping your skeins organised while you knit or crochet? Have you ever used (or still use) plastic zip bags to hold your yarn? Do you want an easy way to keep your yarn organised and clean while being more eco-friendly?


Yarn Pop will be your new favourite knitting accessory.

Use Yarn Pop to:
Organise your yarn when working on projects that require multiple skeins (different colours, two socks at a time, etc.) and to untangle yarn frequently. You can easily ‘throw’ your skeins around and know they won’t come undone or get tangled more

Protect your yarn from your pet

Transport your project in your existing purse or bag easily

Store yarn, needles and your pattern in one place while you have a work in progress

Stop using plastic zip bags for storing yarn during projects.


8″ x 8″
1 Nickel-plated, Brass Grommet
Large-tooth Zipper
100% Canvas (Exterior), 100% Cotton (Interior)
Machine Washable (Cold) & Air Dry

Sweet Georgia

Just in time for the some lighter weight projects our shipment from Sweet Georgia arrived with over 30 colours of the super popular Tough Love Sock!!



Tough Love Sock
Fingering / 4ply
425 yards / 389 meters per 115g
28 to 32 sts on 2.0mm to 2.25mm
80% Wool & 20% Polyamide


Sunstruck by Laura Aylor {knit}

Mapleton by Deanne Ramsay {crochet}

Antarktis by KallioKnits {knit}

Earl Grey by Stephanie Pearl-McPhee {knit}

Happy Street by Veera Valimaki {knit}

Gathering Leaves by Lily Go {crochet}

Afterglow by Diana Rozenshteyn {knit}

Cachou by Hilary Smith Callis {knit}

Augustine Shawl by Valdis Vrang {knit}

Aurelie by Sara Kay {crochet}

Thelonius Sock by Cookie A {knit}


Another of our regular top ups from Cascade has arrived and filled our shelves to the brim with more of our most popular yarns.


220 Superwash Worsted

Gallatin Scarf by Kris Basta {knit}

Shark Time Pouch by Tamara Kelly {crochet}

Dogwood by Tin Can Knits {knit}


Ultra Pima

Ashbury by Norah Gaughan {knit}

Triangle and Square Puff Stitch Granny by Annoo Crochet {crochet}

Nectarine by Deniza Bakalova {knit}


Ultra Pima Fine

Pekin by Holli Yeoh {knit}

Holly by Vicky Chan {crochet}

Reef Knot Tank by Sarah Wilson {knit}


Venezia Sport

Amiga by Mags Kandis {knit}

Fallberry Mitts by Anne Hanson {knit}

Ravi by Carol Feller {knit}

Lullaby Rain Shawl by Paula Emons-Fuessle {knit}

Elis by Reiko Kuwamura {knit}

Simple Gloves by Pearl Hegedus {crochet}

Minden by Cecily Glowik MacDonald {knit}

Pinecone Shawl by Anastacia Zittel crochet}

Designed by Tangled

A few weeks ago we shared a finished project by our lovely Derrin. We are thrilled to share with you today that the pattern is now available on Ravelry.


If you have been looking for a way to try out new Berroco Linsey yarn this is it!

Light Loose Loop
by Derrin Berry

This is a quick and easy light-weight cowl that can be knit in a few hours. Use a colour you love from our Linsey collection and you will have a summer accessory that will never go out of style.



It is hard to believe the we are approaching the end of the year! We have one final Class Schedule for 2013 to release shortly.

In the meantime two of our last Learn To courses are coming up in late October / early November.

Learn To Knit
Saturdays 19
th, 26th October & 2nd November
$75 per person
(3 x 2 hour classes)

Learn To Crochet
Sundays 20th & 27th October & 3rd November
$75 per person
(3 x 2 hour classes)

Bookings and deposits are essential for all of our classes.

Please book in with our friendly staff in store, phone the store on 07 3666 0276 or email us tangled@tangledyarns.com.au if you have any further questions on our classes or to book in!

On The Needles at Tangled Yarns

The lovely Maureen popped in earlier this week to share with us a few more of her recently finished projects.

First up is this lovely Amikomo3 – 13 Lace Doily by Pierrot in our Brown Sheep Cotton Fine.



Maureen was also inspired by our recent informal Queen Anne’s Shawl by Rebecca Velazquez Crochet A Long and joined in!

First up she finished this light and airy version in our Brown Sheep Cotton Fine.


She had so much fun that she made a second, this time with a pop of colour in our Cascade Heritage Silk.




Liz and I accidentally had a little knit a long over the past two weeks, it turns out we both cast on the same pattern, in different yarns!

This is Liz’s Marly by Julie Hoover in our Brown Sheep Cotton Fine.


Liz has made a few modifications, including adding some sweet lace, raised the scooped neckline and finished with icord bind offs.

Off the hook this week for Liz is this adorable Summer Lace Cowl by Tamara Kelly in our Berroco Linsey.


A little late…a belated Fathers Day gift for my dad…some coasters for the kitchen.


I have used our Noro Kureyon and crocheted a hexagon based on Hexagon How-To by Lucy of Attic24 before popping them into the washing machine to felt.


I am thrilled with my finished Marly in our Berroco Linesy.


I also made a few mods, knitted in the round to the sleeve separation and I tinkered with the shoulder shaping slightly so I could graft the should seams. (no seaming, yay!)


I couldn’t wait to try out our new Zpaghetti….I knew exactly what I would make….

This is Anya by Lisa Gutierrez and it makes the perfect floor rug!

Next up might be a simple squishy garter stitch mat for in the bathroom…..

Inspiring your passion



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