We have been busy multi tasking in the store again this week!

We have added yet more shelves to hold our ever expanding range of yarns….it certainly didn’t take long to fill the extra wall of shelves that we added in the middle of last month and with the shipments heading our way I get the feeling we will need even more to hold it all!


There is something extra special about wall to wall of yarn…..



I know many of you have been eagerly watching for more of our exclusive Stitch Pixie bags. They have been hugely popular, with more than 1000 flying out of our doors over the 4 years that we’ve been stocking them.

Unfortunately Peta, the talented creator of Stitch Pixie, has made the difficult decision to stop sewing our bags in order to spend precious extra time with her little people before they all go off to school next year.

But don’t worry! You won’t have to resort to carrying your lovely projects around in plastic shopping bags. I’ve been searching for a replacement, and this week sees the first delivery of these fab new bags (although you may have to read a little further before I tell you all about them…)


With the warmer weather just around the corner we have been busy researching and testing new yarns. In particular we are excited to be introducing a delightful cotton / linen blend from Berroco!

Linsey is an ultra soft yarn for summer. Cool, comfortable and coloured in the sun-weathered shades of summertime, this yarn is eminently wearable.

We are launching Linsey with 16 stunning colours…



Worsted / 10ply
114 yards / 104 meters per 50 grams
20 stitches per 4 inches on 4.00m – 5.00mm needles

64% Cotton
36% Linen


Move by Ankestrick {knit}

Pipistrelle Handbag by Earth and Sky {crochet}

Vesper by Heidi Kirrmaier {knit}

Veranda Cardi by Melissa Mall {crochet}

Heichi Skirt by Olga Buraya-Kefelian {knit}

Skokie Scarf by Wendy Easton {crochet}

Seabrook by Amanda Keep Williams {knit}

Triangle Cowl by Linda Skuja {crochet}

In the Heat by Talitha Kuomi {knit}

Halstead by Mary Beth Temple {crochet}

Spin Off


The Fall 2013 issue of Spin Off has a special focus on the tools spinners love.


Our authors have shared stories of the tools they’ve loved: Elizabeth Fahey tells the tale of wheel maker Norm Hall; Peter Teal delves into his discoveries about wool combs in the 1960s that brought them back into spinning practice; Judith Helton went to great lengths traveling through time and space to learn the backstory of the antique wheel she purchased from a thrift store; Debbie Ellis had a chance to spin on Mahatma Gandhi’s charkha; and Marion Wheatland took her wheel to Antarctica for a special project to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Sir Douglas Mawson’s Australian Antarctic Expedition.

There are also tips on how to use your tools better, from how to stop a spindle from wobbling, to how to use a flick carder, to how adjust your wheel so that you can spin fine yarns. And if you are looking for a wheel, this issue includes and updated and expanded Great Wheel Roundup complete with most commercial wheels and their stats.


Yarn Pop

As I promised…new project bags!!


Products to keep your creative life organised while on the go.

The first part of our Yarn Pop shipment arrived this week and was unpacked with great excitement.

To kickstart our collection ofYarn Pop products we have two different styles available. First up,Totable



This Yarn Pop is perfect for carrying all your projects from socks to sweaters, as well as your smaller Yarn Pops.

With a removable and adjustable strap, you can make it fit your shoulder perfectly. Inside you will find three pockets for carrying your phone, needles, notions and anything else you may need. While carrying the Totable you will find that the angle is perfect for retrieving things or knitting while you walk.

Three grommets across the front provide a fun detail along with functionality (eg for headphones while in transit) and the large-tooth zipper across the top keeps everything safe and secure.



15″ x 12″ x4 ” Gusset
Adjustable & Removable Strap
3 Inside Pockets
3 Nickel-plated, Brass Grommets
Large-tooth Zipper
100% Canvas (Exterior), 100% Cotton (Interior)
Machine Washable (Cold) & Air Dry



Do you have a hard time keeping your skeins organised while you knit or crochet? Have you ever used (or still use) plastic zip bags to hold your yarn? Do you want an easy way to keep your yarn organised and clean while being more eco-friendly?

Yarn Pop will be your new favourite knitting accessory.

Use Yarn Pop to:

Organise your yarn when working on projects that require multiple skeins (different colours, two socks at a time, etc.) and needing to untangle yarn frequently. You can easily ‘throw’ your skeins around and know they won’t come undone or get tangled more

Protect your yarn from your pet

Transport your project in your existing purse or bag easily

Store yarn, needles and your pattern in one place while you have a work in progress

Stop using plastic zip bags for storage of yarn during projects



8.5″ (H) x 11.25″ (W)
3 Nickel-plated, Brass Grommets
Large-to Zipper
100% Canvas (Exterior), 100% Cotton (Interior)
Machine Washable (Cold) & Air Dry

The next part of our shipment is already on the way, so look out for more stock including the super handy
Single Yarn Pop.


Back in stock with a huge shipment including new colours is the super popular Zauberball!


Crazy Zauberball

New colours….





Zauberball Lace

New colours…




Zauberball 100

New colour…


Funky Grandpa by La Maison Rililie {knit}

Sunset Shawlette by Tamara Kelly {crochet}

Magrathea by Martina Behm {knit}

Wavy Coral Scarf by Natasha Robarge {crochet}

Camino Bubbles by Kieran Foley {knit}

Mapleton by Deanne Ramsay {crochet}

Shogun by Kieran Foley {knit}

Drop Stitch Crochet Infinity Scarf by Part Pixy {crochet}


We are busy working on some exciting new plans for our next round of classes for November and December, keep an eye out in future newsletters!


If you would like to see something featured on our Class Calendar please let us know and we will see what we can do.

Don’t forget, if you are stuck on a current project or if you simply need help with a particular technique we hold our Tech Support Sessions five times a week.

Tech Support

Tuesday: 12noon – 2pm
Wednesday: 10am – 12noon
Thursday: 10am – 12noon
Thursday: 6pm – 8pm
Saturday: 10am – 12noon


$25.00 per person

You can find our full class calendar on our website.

Bookings and deposits are essential for all of our classes.

Please book in with our friendly staff in store, phone the store on 07 3666 0276 or email us tangled@tangledyarns.com.au if you have any further questions on our classes or to book in!

On The Needles at Tangled Yarns

We always enjoy a visit from the lovely Rachel, she is full of inspiration and enthusiasm with newly finished projects to share.

Simple Living Slippers by Lisa Van Klaveren in our Cascade 128 Superwash Chunky and edged in our Cascade 220 Superwash Worsted.

These slippers are super cute and are ideal for this time of year when the floors can still be a little chilly in the mornings.


And to brighten up her craft room this adorable holder for her needles.


Mason Jar Cosies by Maura Kirk in our Fibre Company Organik.


I can see these becoming a little addictive….
(I already want to cover all the things…)

Derrin had a surprise visit from her brother in recent weeks and it prompted her to finish a pair of socks for him that she had on the needles.

The pattern is Derrins Learn to knit Socks Class Project pattern and the yarn, a hand dyed of mine from some time ago.


And in stark contrast to the large mens socks….a teeny tiny pair!

The pattern is Hunca Munca by Beth LaPensee and the yarn is our Ella Rae Lace Merino.



Doing a little stash diving, Derrin has used two cones of a beautiful Pierrot Yarns Soft Silk Ramie that we carried a few summers ago to make this absolutely stunning Mist / Brume by EclaDuSoleil.




Derrin also managed to whip up a quick little Cowl in our new Berroco Linsey.

Just perfect for that splash of colour…keep an eye out for the pattern soon!



Inspiring your passion



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