A day in the life of a ‘shop girl’

Most of you know my two little girls miss J & miss A…they love to come and spend a special morning in the shop with mummy…..

This morning miss A wanted to know why I was wrapping gifts and who’s birthday it was!

When I explained they were online orders from the weekend she decided that no, they were birthday gifts and she sat and drew ‘cards’ to go in with each order!!

(I managed to sneak them out before sealing the parcels so no
one will get a special but random drawing with their orders this week)

Then we moved on to opening up, putting the sign out, making a big bow with our crocheted door tie-back to hold the door open on this sunny Monday.

On the way back inside we were a little distracted by our Spring tree and the pretty butterflies…

“mummy there is a butterfly in my hair! *giggle*”

“ohhhhh” can I pleeeeeeeese hold a birdie???

“OWL! *cuddle*”

“No seriously, he is MY OWL!”

“…what do you mean you want him back??!”

With the attention span of a typical toddler the birdies, butterflies, flowers and owl were left behind for a spot of yarn winding.

“See mummy, you wind this bit really fast”

“And this bit goes up like this”

Next up is a little tidying on the way back down the shop, turning the labels and barcodes back to the back. (ahhhhhh – a girl after my own heart!)
“I like this purple…..”
And last but certainly not least we need to inspect the yarn from yesterday’s Dyeing Workshop to see if it is dry….

All part of a days work!



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