Monday Mailout 17.10.11

It seems the weather here in Brisbane can’t decide what it want’s to do!

Many of us raced home on Saturday afternoon when the shop closed, dodging a large storm that was brewing. I made it home just in time for an amazing show of lightening, thunder and hail over the city!! Pretty specular!

Sunday was a wonderful warm and sunny day but we are back to a cool,wet day again today. Makes me want to curl up on the lounge with my knitting but that will have to wait until tonight.

Instead I am feeling productive as I cross things off my list, respond to full in-boxes and wrap all of our online orders from the weekend.

Our newest shipment of the fabulous Stitch Pixie Bags were pounced on over the weekend…several itching fingers patiently waited with a coffee as I photographed and put the bags up onto the website before they picked their favourites to go home with them.

Plenty of bags were snapped up online as well, I took one last peek inside at the perfectly co-ordinated linings before I wrapped them up.

It looks like the little gremlins that we had in our system a while back removed not only all of our yarn specs but also the specs of the Stitch Pixie Bags. Hopefully I will get time to add them back today but a question about the size of the regular and large bags was asked on our Facebook page over the weekend so I thought I would give a little more information here as well.

The regular size Stitch Pixie Project Bags are 5 inches high x 5 inches wide x 6 inches long. They are ideal for your smaller projects like socks, hats, children’s projects and some lighter weight adult garments. I can squeeze two 100g balls of DK weight yarn and circular needles in mine.

The large size Stitch Pixie Project Bags are 5 inches high x 5 inches wide x 11.5 inches long. This size is great for straight needles, your larger projects or if you are like me and have several things on the go they fit several smaller projects perfectly!

Each of the bags have been lovingly hand made by a wonderful friend of mine with stunning designer fabrics and are all fully lined.

Our Friday Favourite was a popular one with lots of people picking up a few skeins of our Cascade 220 Worsted, inspired by our felting suggestions in the newsletter on Friday.

Also heading out in the mail today is more of our luscious Cascade Eco Wool.

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