Monday Mailout 08.08.11

Although we post off our online orders daily, Monday is by far our largest mail day.

Orders buildup from Friday evening over the weekend and we have a lovely pile of stock waiting to be packed and wrapped on a Monday morning.

We all wonder what the yarn is going to become and the mad project planning that takes place around the table as we wrap each of the orders is great fun!

I thought I would share a small snippet of what has been posted today…

A lovely large bundle of multiple balls of Rose, Cerise, Saffron, Yellow, Hot Pink, Citrine, Candy Floss, Natural and White Biggan DK Meino. (This was actually a store pick up so I know that it is becoming a Ripple Blanket by the fabulous Lucy of Attic24!)

Plenty of Berroco Booklets were snapped up with our Friday Favourite including Booklets #281 and #273.

More of my favourite Cascade Eco Alpaca is winging its way off to a new home.

It seems our Mini SOAK Sachets are popular, perhaps with Spring on the way everyone is washing their woolies ready for the season change.

Buttons, Buttons, Buttons…I love picking out the buttons for online orders, I always end up finding a new favourite as I go. Several orders for buttons this weekend, our new range of wooden and coconut buttons still seem to be the favourite.

More of the squishy WOOLganics Head, Hands & Heart headed off this morning to keep people warm. I have been feeling the HHH love this weekend and have been working away on my blanket…almost half way there!

The current issue of KnitScene, Fall 2011 was also a popular online product over the weekend. I actually picked up a copy for myself…upon the request of my mum. She loves the Montview Cardigan, perhaps she was hinting that should be my next knit for her?! I’m quite taken with Morrison Cardigan so I’m sure the magazine will go to good use.


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