Friday Favourites

Its no secret we love our Namaste bags and accessories here at Tangled Yarns!

Well before opening my store I developed a soft spot for Namaste. My firstNamaste purchase was an avocado green bag that served me well for many years. Over the years, my collection has grown as they have continued to release great new styles and new colours.

I tend to rotate between two bags at the moment, my Monroe is more ‘business’ and houses my laptop (and of course the odd project). My other bag of choice is my Zuma – my weekend bag…it is amazing just how many projects you can fit in it! Of course each of the projects is keep under control in individual Oh Snap Pouches.

I adore that I can have all of my crochet hooks safely in one mini cozy and my double point needles in another. My stitch markers and darning needles live in the nifty buddy case.

If you haven’t experienced the versatility that comes with Namaste now is an ideal time to organise your knitting with our Friday

Stitches on needles and yarn on hooks

Bright cotton colours and new pattern books

Tangled Yarns bundles tied up with strings

These are a few of my favourite things!

Friday  Favourite Conditions – Applies to in stock items only. No custom orders or lay-by. 10% Off does not apply to kits as they are already reduced. Special prices apply from launch of newsletter until 9am Monday.


Knit-A-Long Update

There has been some great chatter about project choice on our Ravelry group over the past week. Lots of people are digging out those projects that they’ve been meaning to start for a while but just needed that little nudge to cast on – Never Not Knitting’s Adult Spring Garden Tee and Tikki’s Sorello are just two of the patterns discussed.

Speaking of casting on – when knitting in the round you generally want to make sure you have a nice, flexible cast on – nothing worse then
finishing a project and finding you can’t fit the neck of a top over your head or the cuff of your sock doesn’t fit over your heel!

A tried and true method is the Long Tail Cast-on (youtube link).

Lauren has been knitting her Stockholm Scarf by KnittedBliss which requires 256 stitches to be cast on. She’s found that if you’re casting on a lot of stitches, it is easier to cast on with two balls of yarn to create your cast on (or a tail from each end of one ball). This means you won’t get almost to the end of your cast on only to find out you don’t have enough of the tail left to cast on those last ten stitches.


The other easy to make error when you are joining in the round is twisting your stitches…great if you are creating a mobius…not so
great for a hat or pair of socks. It is important that you check all of your stitches are facing the same way before joining as there is
no way to fix this when you discover it, usually two inches in.
When joining to knit in the round, you might find that you have a bit of a bump at the start of the round. A neat trick that I love is to cast

on an extra stitch and when you get to the join on the first round, you knit the first stitch you cast on and the last stitch together –
it makes a nice seamless join!

There is a great little tutorial on Knitty that may make some of this easier to understand.

Perhaps you are attempting to knit in the round for the first time with DPNs. I can recall my first time being a little like knitting with an
echidna! The best advise I was given was to just concentrate on the two ‘live’ needles (the ones you are working with at the moment) the
other needles are there just to hold your stitches until you get back around to them.

Our first round of Technical Support-A-Long starts this Saturday with eager students signed up ready to tackle knitting in the round.

We still have some space in the coming weeks if you get stuck with your in the round project – please give the store a call on (07) 3666 0276 to book your place.


Stitch Pixie Bags


We were very lucky to have received a small shipment of Stitch Pixie bags this week. These super cute and handy bags always fly out the door!


I think a Stitch Pixie Project Bag would be a lovely Valentine’s Day present if your other half is having trouble thinking of something!
(or if you just wanted to spoil yourself)


KnitScene Pre-Orders


What a weekend! Our first shipment KnitScene sold out within 36 hours of the newsletter being released!! I even missed out on buying my copy!


We have another shipment of KnitScene that was dispatched on Wednesday and should be here by the end of next week.

If you don’t want to miss out again you can pre-order your copy here.


Valentine Projects


For those that celebrate it, Valentines Day is only a week away! There is still some time to make your loved one something special.
Any excuse to cast on something new I say!



My Vampire Boyfriend


Two Hearts as One

la la love you Cowl

Classes & Social Groups

Our new class calendar has started with a bang – our Thursday night Learn to Crochet class almost being full!

I have received several emails in the past few weeks with requests for particular classes. We have some exciting new plans in progress and will announce all shortly. In the meantime if there is something that you would love to learn or a day that would suit you better for classes please drop us an email as we would love to help where we can.


We had such a great response last week to our sneak peak of our yummy treats that I thought I would include a little snap of this weeks delights…individual carrots cakes and cocoa brownies!

Inspiring your passion!








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