Friday Favourites

Another Friday is upon us and with it comes another of my Friday Favourites!

This week I have finished my first project for the year, Whisper in Cotton Fine

I am utterly in love with how this turned out; it weighs an entire 140g’s and will make an ideal transition cardi for cooler evenings in autumn.

I enjoyed everything about this project, the yarn, the pattern and of course the finished garment. (I don’t often knit the same pattern twice so when I do you know that it is something special!)

So of course, I had to share my favourite thing this week with you all…

Stitches on needles and yarn on hooks
Bright woollen colours and new pattern books
Tangled Yarns bundles tied up with strings
These are a few of my favourite things!

All Brown Sheep Yarns 10% Off

From now until 9am Monday 18th January!



  1. This is simply stunning!!! I have been eying this cardigan for the longest time!! I went and had a look at your kits and thought this was my opportunity to knit this, then I went and found out the Rand Australian Dollar exchange rate, and nearly fell off my chair. This would cost me over R500.00 to knit, and that’s without your postage. DAMN the weak South African Rand!! I adore your blog!

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