Confessions….and Finishing Month

I usually try really hard to keep on top of my projects, keep them to a minimum while at the same time having a nice variety to keep things interesting.

And let’s not forget that there are projects that are suitable for different situations!

Blankets are too large to lug around so you need a portable project. Lace patterns require concentration so are no good for social situations (unless you like the one step forward, two steps backwards method of knitting and frogging! ) So I tend to have a mixture of projects on the go but in the past few months several of my projects have been tossed aside for new, exciting, must knit it now projects…

With the end of the year came some unfinished projects guilt so January has become my ‘Finishing Month’. I am going to try my best to not cast on anything new and I have picked up my untouched projects. Now to assess what I will finish and what I will frog…

On the go I have –

Summer Sling Tote

I have completed one side and started the second side, and then all that will be left is the strap and a little sewing to line the bag with the perfect fabric.

This one will stay and I hope to at least finish the crocheting by the end of the month. Sewing time is hard to juggle with two little ones that are oh so curious!

I actually started this back in November sometime with plans to gift it to my mum for Christmas. December was a crazy busy month with many Christmas decorations begging to be made. I am lucky that she is an amazingly patient person and also happens to have a birthday towards the end of January. Goal is to have this completed and ready to gift by 19th January.
I picked this up again over the weekend and have made some good progress already. I am down to 4 more increases and the lace before casting off! I’m sure I can squeeze that into the next 25 days…

Baby Log Cabin

Now this is a tricky one, would have to be my longest outstanding WIP… I started this back when I was expecting Miss A. I have already ripped it out once as I wasn’t happy with the way I was picking up the stitches and joining in the new colours.

Second time around I am much happier but I must admit that I have lost the love. The Rowan yarn is lovely and soft and this would make a perfect newborn baby blanket.

So my decision is…do I rip it and destash the yarn or hibernate it and wait until a friend is expecting?

Now these three are my large / long term projects for 2010. Obviously I won’t get these finished in January but I would like to use them this winter!

Noro Lace Hexagon Blanket

I am so in love with this blanket, after seeing some lace hexagon motifs in a Japanese craft book I became obsessed with the idea of creating a throw for our lounge at home using this one colour of Noro Silk Garden Lite. So far I have finished 15 hexagons, the plan is to make it 10 x 15…so I only have, ummm 135 to go!

Babette Blanket

I started Babette as a blanket for my two girls in the middle of November. I stalled for a while there as I wasn’t happy with the turning chains and when I was changing colour. For me it was too obvious, I often know that I am not happy with something when I pass over it in favour of working on other projects.

So on New Year’s Eve I actually ripped out the 9 blocks that I had finished and started again. I had been doing a lot of research on different methods of ‘turning chains’ and joining colours and I think I have found an almost perfect method! I am now back to where I was at the end of last year and have the 9 new blocks drying on the blocking board waiting seaming.
I hope to have a little production line happening where I complete a section, block a section, seam a section before I start another.

Hexagon Blanket

I had originally planned Babette to be a blanket for both of my little girls but they have since decided that they need one each so what a perfect excuse to start another!

I had been admiring the Hexagon Blanket from Attic24 for some time now and knew that it would be perfect for Miss J. I am using the same colours of Cotton Fleece as Babette.

Ok…25 days left of January and LOTS to do.

So, anyone else game to join me??

I have also started my planning and list of projects and yarns for my Autumn knitting and crocheting, I will share that next post.


  1. Can’t wait to see the end results, especially Buttercup. I would like to try and knit this myself, so would love to see how yours turns out!

  2. January is definitely going to be my finishing month, too! I have a sweater for my mum and a shrug for my best friend to finish as well as a baby hat and diaper cover set for a friend who wants to use them as a prop for her photography business. I’m also working on a scarf for myself. It’s my television knitting.

    I’m finding it very difficult to avoid new projects, however. I have several skeins lying about that want very badly to be a pair of socks.

  3. I think Finishing Month is a great concept! i don’t really have a lot of WIPs and after almost 4 years of knitting, I’ve been very disciplined (and not very productive however…) Anyway, all your WIPs look already great, so good luck and most of all, have fun!!!

  4. Love all of your WIP – I only have one thing on the needles at the moment and one just off – although I already have a massive list of what I would like to get done this year:)

    Wil ave to excape the kids and come in soon.

  5. Oh my, you will be busy! I’d love to join in your resolution but my current one is to try to knit at anytime in the day, which isn’t easy with a three month old baby who needs me all the time. Main project is his christening shawl which I have to finish by March 14th for the big day.

    I love, love, LOVE the colours for the girls blankets 🙂

  6. Id love to learn how to join these crochet shapes without looking out with coloured joining yarn,I have no problem making the things just putting them together..PS Love your projects,having arather bad year last year I am so full of handwork energy that I think year will the nicest!,thank you for your inspiration!!

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