Weekend Crochet

Feeling the need for change over the weekend I have picked up my crochet hook.

I came across a stunning lacy hexagon motif in a Japanese crochet book but have had issues tracking down a copy of the book.
Much Obsessed! and since my crochet skills are average to say the least I decided to enlist the help from a few crochet guru friends.

After a lot of investigating, reading, searching, playing, tweeking I have got something that I am happy with.

Now just to create LOTS of them, oh and work out the best way to attach them!

I have been collecting Cotton Fleece colours for the past 6 months for a Babette Blanket for my girls beds.
Loved the idea of a portable project but couldn’t work out how to lug around 1.7kg of yarn so over the weekend I sat down and measured the amounts that I need for each of the two round squares and bundled them up into little mini skeins.

(yes…I know, I have a problem. I guess I shouldn’t mention that I also have the whole pattern on a spreadsheet with all of my colours set out…)

I am making myself skein, crochet, weave in ends a small batch each time so that I don’t have hours of finishing left a the end.

Really can’t say enough about Cotton Fleece and the colours….!I will admit this is a long term project but I would possibly like it finished this winter.

Will see…


  1. I love love love granny squares and want to learn to crochet just to make them. Your blankets are going to look amazing when finished

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