Little Knits

One of the many joys of having little girls is that I get to make little knits!
Two new projects off my needles in past weeks –
Spring Garden Tee by Never Not Knitting

This was the Tangled Yarns Knit-A-Long for October, the pattern is very well written was an utter pleasure to knit.

Looks like my littlest Miss approves.

Madison Top by DaniDo Crafty
Another sweet knit. There are a lot of design elemants that I liked in this pattern but there is several components that I would change if I was to knit it again. I also found the sizing is most possibly out, as you can see this is a little big for Miss A.

However with no gauge supplied with the pattern it is a little hard to check.

The yarn on the other hand is just divine, super soft even for a cotton. I have another project in mind and hope to cast on as soon as I finish a few current projects.



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