Dyeday Friday!

Wow! It has been a looonng time since I have had a dye day…

After my last sock club slot at only weeks before Miss A arriving I was seriously burnt out.

Between having a newborn, an active toddler and opening the store I haven’t managed to find the time to squeeze in any dyeing.

So..yesterday, I finally managed to have a little dye session. To begin with it was hard work and I was seriously afraid that I had lost my mojo but after the first colourway emerged from the pot I was hooked!

A kilo of my tight twist yarn later…






I hope to be able to continue dyeing on a regular basis and will have my yarns available both instore and online.



  1. Oooh! I think I need some (need is maybe not the right word actually, but I’m sure you know what I mean). Will these particular ones be for sale in the store soon?

  2. oh my goodness Kelli…please dont keep dyeing..I am salivating here at the keyboard and I dont think my poor credit card could take the abuse..
    Seriously though they look like candy to me (and I’m trying to be sugar free atm)
    perhaps you will still have some for me when I get through my current cotton naughtiness..

  3. Soooooo beautiful! I can’t pick a favourite. It’s a tough choice between seafome and mist… oh and dawn… oh my I just love them ALL!

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