Like riding a bike

Nice to know that I still actually remember how to knit!!! (and dye)
It has been some time since I have actually picked up the needles for more than a stolen moment here and there (or to help a customer) but my littlest miss has had a growth spurt and no longer fits many of her woollies…

So what is a girl to do?? Throw some yarn in a pot and then whip out the needles!!

Considering that I only allow myself to knit when I can’t be working I’m impressed that I managed to get these finished. Most of the knitting was done between the hours of 4am and 5am which is apparently when miss A thinks is a great time to wake up.

I have itchy fingers now and my mind has been running wild with ideas of cast ons, especially with all of the stunning yarn that has arrived at the shop in the past week. Apart from the Hand Maiden that I am lusting after…
We also received a delivery of Debbie Bliss including Baby Cash, Cash Aran and Luxury Tweed. *sigh* lots of squishing of the Luxury Tweed which I feel will become a hat for me very soon…

A very special delivery arrived late last week…a beautiful box of Whimsical Little Knits by Ysolda – one of my favourite designers. Each book is individually hand signed by Ysolda! One has already found its way onto my bookshelf.

We are still waiting on rather large shipments of Brown Sheep, Malabrigo and Noro – all expected this week.

Several classes started last week and a great time is being had by all! Keep an eye out for a newsletter with details of some new workshops about to begin!


  1. Cannot believe bub is crawling! Izzy is just starting to get the hang of sitting up! Mind you, not in a rush for the ‘moving’ thing, keep them stationary as long as poss is my motto. Cute bum for her!

  2. Aah, I’m lusting after that swiss silk and bamboo as well. The colour is just incredible, and the softness? Don’t get me started all over again. My hubby had to put up with my daydreaming about it for most of monday evening. I’m thinking I owe it to knitkind to design some kind of pattern that uses one skein of it so we can all indulge ourselves without feeling guilt over the cost of more than one skein of that stuff!

  3. ohh I want that book! and I adore your woolies kell, talented little sod! I seem to get nothing knitted and I dont own a shop! so bravo to you my dear! hope everything is going beautifully!

  4. This is one of those moments that I am happy I dont own a yarn store, would be way too much on my pocket πŸ˜‰ LOVE the book, will you be stocking it in your on line store?

  5. Oh my! I absolutely adore those cute little pants you knitted for bub. I want a pair. I want to knit a pair (and I have no bubs to knit for).

    But the reason I came to visit this blog is because two of my beloved colleagues bought me Whimsical Little Knits for my birthday earlier this week, and I just wanted to comment on what an amazing little book is it. And I feel so lucky to have a copy signed by the author.

    I’m hoping to finally come visit the shop in a few weeks. Everyone who has been tells me it is fantastic.

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