A Few Updates and a Cast On!

Happy Easter All!

Just like most things in my life at the moment I’m running a little late in wishing everyone a safe and happy Easter.

I have been using the slightly quieter days at the shop to make some changes, move a little of my stock around and work like crazy on my web site. For those of you that are waiting for the launch of the tangled YARNS online store…it is coming soon I promise! Each time I think I am close to going live I receive more stock and that means more updates to the database and more images.

It seems to be a vicious cycle! Just prior to the Easter break we received more stock of Cascade (including the ever popular Cascade Eco), Namaste and Knit Kits. We have more deliveries expected next week – top up stock of Brown Sheep, Malabrigo, Noro plus some new arrivals including Debbie Bliss, Fleece Artist and Handmaiden.

At this stage I think I will have just draw a line in the sand on open shop, there may be a few images missing but I hope that this will be forgiven.

Sunday is becoming my favourite day at the shop, everyone is a little more relaxed. Most customers come in with a project in mind and I have the wonderful job of helping them put pattern and yarn together.

I even had a few moments to take some photos today.

And for the first time in months I actually have something on my needles. My littlest Miss decided that it was time to wake up at 4am this morning. She was however content to play in our bed while I quietly cast on…

Of course I had to select a few buttons while at the shop this morning!



  1. Thank you for giving us such a fantastic space, Kel. I was there on Saturday with some fellow Ravellers, and there was one or two other groups as well. It was so nice and relaxing. Marvellous light and ambience. Not glad to hear you had to wake up at 4am, but glad to hear that you have had a chance to cast on.

  2. Kel, i just can’t wait to come and visit your store – i just need to think up an excuse that will be legitimate to the hubster and convice him to entertain the kidlets whil i shop 🙂

  3. I swear if I keep seeing teaser posts like this one and the pictures of your beautiful yarn store I am likely to pack my bags, chuck the husband and move to Brisbane. Good luck with the site, I know it’s hard. Can’t wait.

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