The little things

Sometimes it can be all about the little things…

Who could resist indulging in a tea or coffee while enjoying a spot of knitting or crochet?

Everything at tangled YARNS has been hand selected, right down to the tea pots, tea spoons and our eco-friendly coffee cups!

These coffee cups have been produced in an environmentally responsible way. Unlike traditional paper cups that use a petroleum-based plastic lining, our cups use a compostable corn-based plastic lining.

Therefore, it is fully renewable, certified compostable and leaves a smaller environmental footprint. And it does so without adding anything that will distract from the rich deep flavour of your favourite drink!

(on a side note, I think I may have developed a new addiction…collecting tea pots!)


  1. I adoreeeeeeeeeee that green teapot!! you must tell me where you got it! I have an entire shelf of teapots, and I havent found a green one I love you!!!will your shop be open by march 21st? Im coming up to brissy for a few days as an anniversary thing with hubby and would love to come visit your little nook!

  2. ohh, sooooo cute!!! and after a couple of classes, you could have the TY grou0pies make you tea cozies and mug warmers and such for the cafe part!!!!! (just an idea!!)ohhhhhhhhhhh, how long till the opening now?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

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