Our first Update!

Wow…the first offical post on tangled YARNS blog!

So what have I been up to in the past few months –

Samples, colour charts, decisions everwhere! Really, it is a tough job!! 😉 🙂

Receiving just a *few* deliveries! This is our guest room and there really is a ‘wall of yarn’ in there. I’m about to run into a problem as we have guests arriving this weekend and they might just wonder where they are going to sleep.

Here is a little preview of just one of the amazing yarns from those big boxes, just enough to tease…

And my dining table has been taken over with the new computers for the shop and yet more stock!

I would show you a picture of my office where my other computer is but it is a little too scary.

So, there we go! Our first update!! I will continue to post with news, deliveries and maybe even some shop preview pictures in the coming days.

The count down to the launch has started…!


  1. ohhhhhhh, i cant believe it! EEEKKKKK!!!!!!!!!!!! tangled is coming along so quickly!!!its coming so close………….. have you got the staff yet! HINT (i’m still free!)

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